2015: Beijing and Shanghai

Beijing og Shanghai

The StudyTrip has come up with a preliminary budget for the study trip, which purpose is to give an idea about the expenses.

Please note that this is not the final budget, this is just so the participants and partners can get a estimated overview of what the basic trip is going to cost. The StudyTrip committee will try to include all travel expenses in the trip, to get as close to the overall cost as possible and thereby try to eliminate any unforeseen expenses, but as we have not had the possibility to get the travel expenses from China, they will be added to the overall budget within the next few weeks.

We are currently working closely together with Mangaard Travel Group A/S in order to get the best possible study trip. Mangaard Travel has been coordinating business trips to China since the late 80’s, this means that we will get the best possibilities available in order to meet our expectations and reach the full potential of the trip.

All of us in the study trip group are very much looking forward to the trip, and we hope you are as well!

Budget for Shanghai-Beijing (6/2 2013)
Departure Copenhagen 28/03/13
Arrival Copenhagen 07/04/13
Number of travelers 15
Days in total 11
Expenses                   DKK
Plane tickets 4.990,00
Hotel 1.530,00
Visa 525,00
Fast train between Shanghai to Beijing, 5.5 hours 700,00
Maglev train from Shanghai airport to the city 45,00
Trip to the Great Wall 235,00
Half day trip to The Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square 155,00
Stamps, gifts, prints 100,00
Total without vaccines insurance and grants 8.280,00