Dansk Supermakred

Company visit at Danish Supermarked Group

On Tuesday the 7th of March we have the great opportunity to go on a company visit to Dansk Supermarked.

The visit will include different interesting aspects all related to our education.

We will hear about their graduate program and how it is to be a graduate at Dansk Supermarked by one of the current graduates, and how you can become a graduate in Dansk Supermarked.

We are also going to hear about some of the different entry level jobs Dansk Supermarked have and what they contain.

And finally the HR-Department will tell us about the HR and how it is to work in Dansk Supermarked.

If possible are we also planning to hear about internships in Dansk Supermarked, which would be a good opportunity to note yourself to one of the biggest companies in Aarhus regarding the internship coming up in the fall.

So there are a lot of interesting and relevant themes on the agenda, why it is a great opportunity for us.

We are looking forward to see you all and have a great day with Dansk Supermarked :-).

More specific details with meeting point etc. will be posted Monday

Please follow the Facebook event for live information updates.