Spring 2016: Rambøll Management Consulting

In the beginning of January 2016, i got a meeting with Rambøll Management Consulting, regarding a company visit, in the beginning of spring 2016. I’ve attached a file,which shows how some of Rambøll Management Consultings areas fits with us SOL-students.

To those of you who doesn’t know Rambøll, you could either check their web-page, or look at the clip below.


SOLAS  areas  that  fits  with  Rambøll  Management  Consulting
Strategy  &  Operations
  • SOLAS  students studies
within  the  field  of:  Strategy,  business  development,  growth-strategies,  market-strategies  &  Emerging-markets
Leadership  &  HR
Organizational  development
  • SOLAS  students studies within the  field  of:  Change  management,  Organizational development,  Coaching,  Leadership- development  etc.
Leadership  Development
  • SOLAS  students studies within the  field  of: Leadership  as  a  source for  business  development, Coaching  and  guidance  for  visions,  Change  and  strategy-processes  and  topmanagement.
Team  development  
  • SOLAS  students studies within the  field  of: Employee- and  team  surveys,  Training  within  teams  and  communication  etc.
Other  areas  for  SOL  students
  • Emerging  markets,  their  institutions  and  challenges
    • Cultural  differences  between  people  and  countries.
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Management  Research  Methods