Board regulations

As of this year the board will be following these rules and regulations. These rules and regulations will provide a healthy foundation for the members of the board and will also secure the continuous progression of the on-going activities.

Articles of Association

§1 Name & Home

  2. Aarhus Commune

§2 Purpose of Association

  1. The purpose of this Association is to provide a student network and strong social ties for students participating in the MSc. Strategy, Organization & Leadership Master Program at AU BSS

§3 Member circuit and contingent

  1. Everyone who is participating the MSc. Strategy, Organization & Leadership Master Program will be able to join the SOLAS Association.
  2. The contingent will be paid for one or two year at the time. The Chairman and Treasurer will decide how to collect and manage the membership contingent.
  3. When the contingent has been paid, there is no refund.


§4 General Assembly

  1. The General Assembly is the highest authority.
  2. Annual General Meeting held each year in September and sent out at least three weeks’ notice by oral or written announcement.
  3. Proposals to be submitted to General Assembly shall be presented to the Chairman no later than 14 days before the General Assembly.
  4. Only members of the Association are able to vote. There are only voting by personal attendance.
  5. Agenda for the Annual General Assembly shall include at least the following points:
    1. Election of meeting chairman.
    2. Election according to § 5 paragraph. 2.
    3. Election / appointment of committees
    4. Extra.

§4.1 General Assembly

  1. The General Assembly shall elect a chairman to conduct the negotiations. General Assembly resolutions introduced in the protocol.
  2. The General Assembly makes decisions by simple majority vote, subject to § 9, paragraph. 1
  3. Extraordinary General Assembly may be convened at any time by the Board, and shall be convened within a month when at least 50% of the members in writing so requires.

§5 The daily management

  1. The daily management is made up of Board members elected by the General Assembly for 1 year at a time.
    A: Excepted is the two boards members that will continue their post for one additional year to ensure alignment between first and second year SOLAS activities and interest.
    B: The two continuing board members will be elected by the board. In case of non volunteering continuing board members, members can also be elected. Such election will be executed at an Extraordinary Assembly.
  2. Chairman, Secretary and shall be elected for one year at a time.
  3. The Board manages the Association in accordance with these Articles of Association and the General Assembly.
  4. The Board shall establish its own rules of procedure.
  5. The Chairman directs board meetings and in his absence the Deputy Chair.
  6. The chairman shall ensure the keeping of minutes of board meetings / decisions.

§6 Accounting and auditing

  1. The association’s assets must be placed in recognized financial institution
  2. The accounts must be signed by the Chairman, Treasurer and of the Chairman from each committee.
    1. By chosing the Treasurer the Chairman and the Chairman from each committee gives the Treasurer mandate to sign on their behalf.

§7 Liability

  1. Board members are not personally liable for the association’s grants with less recovery claim arose from the wrongful act.

§8 Amendments to the Statutes

  1. Procedure for amending the Statutes shall be indicated in the Staff example.: Amendments may be adopted at any General Assembly if at least 2/3 of the votes cast are in favor.

§9 Resolution

  1. The association’s resolution can only be done by 2/3 majority in two consecutive general meetings, one of which must be ordinary.

Any profits / assets / stock will in case of dissolution of the association go to the following purposes: other association work or charitable purposes.